First GOP Presidential Debate is Tonight!

The Republican Party holds their first debates of the 2016 Presidential Candidates this evening, airing live on Fox New channel at 9pm Eastern, from Cleveland, Ohio. And, guess what, fight-fans! There’s even an undercard featuring the long-shot candidates starting at 5pm.

In the Main Event, 10 candidates will square off in what will be more like a parallel news conference(to use Ralph Nader’s term) in which they will field questions from the moderators, Brett Bair and Megyn Kelly, and occassionally from each other.

The participants in today’s GOP debates are as follows (in no particular order)

Main Event

entrepreneur Donald Trump

former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee

Senator Ted Cruz (Texas)

Senator Marco Rubio (Florida)

former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush

Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky)

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie

Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker

Governor of Ohio John Kasich

Dr. Ben Carson

The Undercard

former Governor of New York George Pataki

entrepreneur Carly Fiorina

Governor Bobby Jindal (Louisiana)

Senator Lindsey Graham

former Senator Rick Santorum

Governor of Texas Rick Perry

Jim Gilmore


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