Gradovich-Dib card Twitter recap @KOFantasyBoxing

Gradovich beats Dib 

Twitter recap from Ringside at Foxwoods

by Alex Pierpaoli

originally posted live on @TalkinBoxing’s Twitter Feed

Sergei Kovalev in the ring here w/ the Mexican-Russian Evgeny Gradovich & Fifty Cent is about to rap his way into the ring w/Billy Dib

Here we go with the main event…Billy Dib versus Evgeny Gradovich, 12 rounds Featherweights

Billy Dib out-crowds & out-crafts Gradovich in round one, crowd seems a little awestruck after 50’s entrance & a less than explosive rd 1

Ref Eddie Claudio talking to both guys about the rough stuff in round three

Gradovich landed several hard blows in round 3, clearly his best round so far. Ref. Claudio breaking these guys quickly which is hurting Dib

Gradovich seems to be breaking Dib down. Seems like the Australian is wilting a bit under the pressure.

coming into round number 5 & there’s swelling around brow of Dib; Gradovich landing hard jab & quick left hook, his shots doing more damage

Lots of bleeding coming from a wound behind ear of Gradovich; likely caused by Dib’s elbow. Dib has capitalized on it too.

Dib is boxing well in the 6th but the strength appears to be leeching out of him, his mouth is wide open; meanwhile Gradovich is strong

The gash in the side of Dib’s head, over the ear, is downright grisly. It looks like a hole.

Gradovich has really reduced number of jabs he’s throwing & Dib has made the most of it. The jab makes opportunities & Dib isn’t allowing it

Ref Eddie Claudio just made things interesting here by taking a point from Evgeny Gradovich. Looked like it was for holding.

Ok, now things r getting ridiculous. Ref. Claudio takes a point from Billy Dib which kind of makes both deductions, er, well, pointless

It looks as though we are beginning 2 see right into the head of Billy Dib. If brain tissue starts 2 leak out just know you were warned

Gradovich came out and cracked Dib with a left hook to start the round. The Mexican-Russian is clearly landing the harder blows here

Hard 2 tell what’s going on with these scorecards; several rounds have been close BUT overall picture is Gradovich doing the hurting

a hard left & a right from Gradovich spin the head of Dib but the Mexican-Russian may be too tired 2 follow up. Big round for Gradovich

Final round coming up and both guys are going to come out scorching…

Billy Dib’s chin is clearly made of something stronger than just flesh and bone. Gutsy gutsy effort here from the Aussie

Waiting on the scorecards here for the final bout of the night of a decent card. Fifty Cent may not see it the same way however…

we have a split decision, 114-112 for Dib, overruled by 114-112 X 2 for Evgeny Gradovich in what was a very entertaining scrap

Evgeny Gradovich remains undefeated and picks up the IBF World Belt while improving to 16-0 (8) while Billy Dib drops to 35-2 (21)

4 rounds, welters, up now. this is your swing-bout. Jimmy Williams of New Haven CT making pro-debut versus Raynard Younger of Alpharetta GA

Jimmy Williams controlling things in round one. Not a tremendous amount of contact but the blows that mattered came from JW

Looked like Williams may have caught an elbow with an uppercut which had to smart but no sign he’s hurt his hand, 2-0 in rds for J.Williams

Jimmy Williams outboxing Raynard Younger through three. Landing heavy shots to body and head. Younger not hurt at all but not winning either

some blood coming from the mouth of Younger in the final round of what’s a very workman-like performance for Jimmy Williams

Correction, this is Jimmy Williams SECOND bout as a pro, and it’s probably his second win as well. Waiting on the scorecards here in CT

After 4, the judges all see it the same way-40-36-all for Jimmy Williams of New Haven CT now 2-0 (1) while Raynard Younger falls to 0-2

Junior Middles, Willie Nelson versus Michael Medina is up now, this is the co-featured bout

Willie Nelson just connected w/ a sneaky right hand w/ his back along the ropes & being pressured by Medina & a second knockdown, it’s over!

Willie Nelson just smoked his opponent faster than his namesake could smoke a gram of kind buds. Sorry, i couldn’t resist…

The doctors and paramedics are working on Medina who seems to have blown out a knee on his way to the canvas. Major bummer for MM

the end comes at 2:00 of the opening round. Willie Nelson improves to 20-1-1 (12) and Michael medina falls to 26-4-2 (19)

Junior Welters to start things for tv audience; Luis Olivares of GlendaleAZ debuting versus 1-1 Rafael Munoz of HoustonTX

Olivares scores a 1st round TKO in his pro-debut. It was the left hook–3 of them–that did the bulk of the job. Munoz drops to 1-2

Female Junior Feathers in ring now, Shelito Vincent fights Mikayla Nebel, they’re going 4 rounds or less.

Thru the first, Nebel, of Columbus, OH, covering up with high guard so Shelito Vincent, of Providence, RI, went after her ribs

Nebel really showing a lot of effort here but Vincent’s pressure & body punching have her a little intimidated. 2 rounds to none for SV

Mikayla Nebel has some solid fundamentals but she can’t keep Shelito Vincent off of her. Vincent’s left hook reddening face of Nebel.

Mikayla Nebel seemed 2 heat up & catch fire in final round, she’s a lot better than her record suggests. But Shelito Vincent should win

lots of nice counters, a shoulder roll & a hard busy jab should have won her the 4th no doubt. but this is CT & they love CES

All 3 judges scored it 40-36 Shelito Vincent who no doubt won & won big but Nebel clearly won rd 4. Nebel now a deceiving 0-4 as a pro

Bout 2, Featherweights, Luis Rosa of New Haven, CT, vs Jhovany Collado of jamaica, NY. Rosa scores a knockdown in final seconds of 1st

Luis Rosa winging powerful blasts w/ both hands & Collado absorbing them better than in rd 1. Rosa’s defense didn’t make the trip 2nite

unbeaten southpaw Rosa continues 2 dominate w/ heavier harder shots & pressure. Collado hanging in there. 3-0 Rosa w/extra pt in 1st 4 kndn

bout has taken on a rock-`em-sock`em robots feel Both men seem utterly unwilling or unable 2 throw straight punches. just winging in CT

Collado landed several nice body shots in fifth but he’s still getting cracked too much upstairs by Rosa. Much slower pace now.

Collado may have just won that round despite absorbing several very hard shots. He pressured Rosa throughout & landed a lot of his own

Both guys have proven their grit & durability here but would be nice to see more skill. this is crude entertainment but entertaining it is.

Rosa & Collado embrace at the bell. They’ve hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink…not too many jabs though.

all 3 judges agree on a shutout, 80-71, all for Luis Rosa who improves to 13-0 (6) as Jhovany Collado drops to 4-7-2 (1)

8 rounds junior lightweights, Gil Garcia of Houston, Texas versus Ryan Kielczweski of Quincy, MA starting us off here in CT

Kielczweski controlled the action in rd 1 with an educated jab & several well placed uppercuts to the belly of Garcia. In the 2nd…

Rd 2 closer w/ Garcia answering Kielczweski’s attack. Both landed long reaching uppercuts to each other’s faces RK scored w heavier rt.

Ryan Kielczweski boxing well & controlling action thru 3. RK’s jab is accurate & using smart movement of foot & body 2 keep Garcia missing

More of same here in round 4, Kielczweski leading & landing with Garcia pressing but coming up empty

Garcia throwing wild right hands & Kielczweski is large & in charge with the jab.

\Garcia probably notched his best round in the sixth but it still probably wasn’t enough to win it.

Kielczweski landing heavier and heavier blows here. Can he score a kayo? No knockdowns yet & neither guy’s been hurt

waiting on the scorecards now, shouldn’t be any surprises here. Ryan Kielczweski likely to pick up a UD & improve to 16-0 (3)

after 8 rounds it’s unanimous, 80-72 x 2 & 79-73, all three cards in favor of Ryan Kielczweski while Gil Garcia falls to 5-4-1 (1)

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