Brewster stops Golota

Brewster Snaps the Foul Pole in One; how many of the other champs could he stun?

By Alex Pierpaoli

originally published 5/24/05 on



On Saturday night Lamon Brewster defended his WBO Heavyweight title with an emphatic and explosive first round knockout over Andrew Golota.  At a time when boxing is starved for a heavyweight that captures the public imagination and fills the void Lennox Lewis left when he retired, Brewster gave fans a brief and explosive helping of heavyweight head-knocking that hasn’t been seen recently.  For almost a minute it seemed that heavyweight boxing had gotten the transfusion it needed at Chicago’s United Center where Chicagoan Golota’s Polish supporters had crowded in to see him fight.  Golota had disappointed before but this was less a time when Golota went to piecesラhe was just plane mugged before he got the chance to do anything.


For almost a minute Brewster hurled left hooks at Golota and Golota sort of raised his arms in protest but Brewster just swung right through them and found Golota’s chin and belly successfully several times.  Though it was Golota at almost center ring before the bell sounded to start the first round, Ref. Geno Rodriguez had to tell him to step back several times.   Once the bell rung Brewster came surging out of his corner winging with power and a need to injure.  Golota never expected that level of aggression and couldn’t handle it, especially after facing Ruiz and Byrd in his most recent outings, neither of whom is a pressure fighter.  This was Lennox Lewis or Mike Tyson all over again.  Brewster came blasting out and was hooking from the opening.

Golota never really recovered from the first double left hook Brewster landed.  Seconds after the bell Brewster lunged forward, dipping and swiveling his hip and snapping his shoulder behind a left hook that sunk into Golota’s belly bending the Pole forward a bit.  A split second later a similar left hook crashed against Golota’s chin and sent him to the canvas very hard.


Golota rose but was never the same and Brewster sent him through the ropes into press row after a barrage of wild punches and then down one last time from another left hook before Referee Gino Rodriguez called the fight.


Fifty-three seconds was all it took for Lamon Brewster to make a mess of Andrew Golota.  And although you might be able to argue that Golota melted down again, this was different, Golota was outラblasted all the way to Queer Street with no chance of making it back in time to continue the fight.  Golota righted himself and was ready to go before ref.. reached ten.  And unlike against Michael Grant when leading on the scorecards, he was dropped in round ten and said something like naahh, naah, I’m done to the ref.   On this night he did not quit, he went out on his shield and Brewster was glad to have put him there.  Golota said later he could have and wanted to continue.  That would have been a first for certain but referee Geno Rodriguez didn’t allow Golota the opportunity and waved the bout off after knockdown number three.


So what does beating Golota mean today?  It’s something since Golota had the two spirited efforts versus Ruiz and Byrd under his belt.  But it’s not a reason to think Brewster is the second coming of Iron Mike.


The other heavies


Speaking of Iron Mike, Mike Tyson fights poor Kevin McBride in a fight that won’t go 89 seconds, in DC on the eleventh.  Brewster-Tyson?  Why not?  Could be an action fight but King and Tyson will need to work out there issues.  Nothing helps do that more than a chance to make a lot of money together so we’ll have to see what happens.


Barrett and Rahman collide in July and that’s a golden opportunity for Barrett and a really bum deal for the Rock who is waiting to exercise his mandatory defense versus Klitschko, currently recuperating from back surgery.  Barrett’s a far tougher match-up for Rahman than Vitali in this writer’s opinion.


Brewster-Vitali is mildly interesting because it has that added brotherly revenge thing going on there.  But why Larry Merchant is so infatuated with all things Klitschko is beyond me.



Requiem for the Rotund


It was a beautiful thing seeing pudgy James Toney beat up John Ruiz at Madison Square Garden to become the second former middleweight champ in just a few years to become a heavyweight titlist.  But it wasn’t to be.


James Toney, his Buddha shaped belly and the inch or so of exposed butt crack just above the back of his trunks that became visible during the seventh round (if memory serves) beat John Ruiz for his WBA title only to lose it by decree days later after testing positive for a banned substance..  To learn of his steroid test results is a serious downer.  As an overweight American myself I felt no embarrassment or shame but brazen and blatant pride in Toney’s inch of butt crack.  And I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him beat Ruizラ116-111 on my card.  It doesn’t matter though.  The NYSAC calls the fight a no contest and the WBA has some rule that allows the title to return to the


As far as the nandrolone which was detected in a post fight urine sample, Toney says he will not contest the results even though his Promoter Dan Goosen describes it as a by-product of rehab medications for Toney’s biceps injury.  If you ask me, Toney should take the chance to argue his case as Dan Goosen reported, it was a by-product of a rehab cocktail to repair his injured biceps and not a performance enhancing drug in the traditional or stereotypical sense.  I am no expert but if the steroid like by products in his system were a result of rehab drugs and the like prescribed by a physician to recuperate from an injury then  such drugs should not be considered illegal.  They are really not performance enhancing from what I understand.


In the meantime I do have the memories of Light’s Out Toney’s ass crack and his overhand right blasting head cracks and watching Ruiz lose and I must say I enjoyed it all.  Nothing personal Johnny, it’s the style or the lack thereof which I cannot stomach.


I think Toney is the best HOPE for the division with Byrd and Rahman/Barrett following behind.  Let’s just hope the ninety day suspension doesn’t put the brakes on Toney’s training momentum.  When he’s lighter he’s quicker and his hands are busier, his combinations are better and if he had been any of those things versus Ruiz he would have knocked him out rather than dropping overhand rights on him all night.


Not that it would have mattered.  Ruiz still won even days after he lost.


Great non-heavyweight HEAVY match-up


Is Ike Quartey really fighting Verno Phillips at one hundred sixty pounds on June 18?  That could be a serious action fight.  Haven’t seen Quartey in ages and Verno would love the big name win on his record.  Should be a helluva contest.


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