Mayweather-Hatton pre-fight P4P

KOFantasyBoxing’s Dynamite Dozen Pound-For-Pound

Hatton Mayweather Prediction

By Alex Pierpaoli

originally published 12/8/07 on


Pound for pound lists probably tell us more about the writers creating them than the fighters listed.  Most boxing fans have an idea about who the best guys in the sport are but it’s putting them one in front of the other that leads to heated debate.  The attributes which are usually considered are quality of opposition, ability to move up or down in weight effectively, dominance in one weight class, longevity, skill and what have you done lately.  These lists are really all about arguingラif you can make an argument for your guy then he’s worth listing.  It’s the validity or strength of your argument that supports or contradicts your guy’s position on the list.  And so, let the arguments beginナ


Tied for first place- Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather Jr.


  1. Bernard Hopkins- Joe Calzaghe


  1. Israel Vazquez – Rafael Marquez


  1. Juan Manuel Marquez 


  1. Ricky Hatton


  1. Winky Wright


  1. Miguel Cotto


  1. Ivan Calderon


  1. Kelly Pavlik


And what of Pretty Boy and the Hit-Man?  How does that outcome effect this list?  We’ll have to wait to see what happens…


Logic says that Floyd Mayweather wins a unanimous decision tonight.  Logic says that as aggressive as Ricky Hatton will be Floyd is far too skilled enough and definitely large enough to absorb that pressure and keep the kid off balance and coming forward, whiffing punches as the Pretty Boy lands counters and makes it look pretty like he usually does.  That’s what logic suggets, it’s happened so often and yes, Floyd is that good.

But Hatton’s offense isn’t predicated on logic.  His attack is all wanton aggression and there’s a pugnacious bliss about doing harm that radiates off of him.

Hatton’s willingness to bloody himself in order to get close enough to Floyd is what will make the difference.  Hatton needs to, and I believe he will, make this into a fight.  We haven’t seen Floyd in a scrap in a long time.  If the Pretty Boy is as good as Sugar Ray Robinson then he should be able to handle it.  But Team Hatton is banking that Mayweather can’t stand up to it for twelve rounds.  One thing from the weigh-in is certain, the crowd will be like nothing Mayweather has ever seen or heard and how that effects him remains to be seen.

So much will be clear in the first round.  If Hatton charges out like he did versus Castillo Mayweather is going to have to clutch and grab him and try to slow things down and establish some distance between them.  But it’s going to be tough because Hatton’s fast feet and bolting jab are going to be coming at him relentlessly.  Pressure, more than anything else, is what Floyd is going to see tonight.  What De La Hoya brought was nothing compared to the speed and aggression he’ll face in Hatton.

The short of it is that the kid is all balls.  He’s pure bull-dog and that style is damn exciting to watch.  Look at his fan base.  They aren’t groupies, they’re a cult.

Well sign me up.  Pass the Kool-Aid, give me the Blood Oath, whatever.  I’m joining the cult.

I’m taking Hatton by kayo.

There’s only one Ricky Hatton, only one Ricky Hatton…

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