Weigh-In results for tonight’s bouts in Hartford, CT

Main Event: Jimmy Williams, 152 1/2 lbs, of New Haven, CT, 18-5-12 (6) versus 

Greg Vendetti, 153 lbs, of Stoneham, MA, 22-4-1 (12)

Nathan Martinez, 126lbs, of New Britain, CT, 6-1 (2) versus 

Francisco Dominguez, 126 1/2 lbs, of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 7-11-1 (1) 

Chordale Booker, 159lbs of Stamford, CT, 16-0 (7) versus 

Silverio Ortiz, 157lbs, of Yucatan, Mexico, 37-27 (18) 

Angel Gonzalez, 116lbs, of Hartford, CT, 5-0 (3) versus 

Juan Gabriel Medina, 117lbs of La Ramona, Dominican Republic, 12-7 (11)

Ramon Caraballo, 146lbs, of New Britain, CT, makes his pro debut versus 

Samuel Lajoie-Dery, 146lbs, of Montreal, Canada, 1-0 (1)

Stevie Jane Coleman, 149lbs, of Columbia, CT, 0-1 versus 

Christina Barry, 147lbs, of Manitoba, Canada, 1-7

Carlos Perez, 140lbs, of New Haven, CT, 1-0 versus 

Tyriek Gainey, 134lbs, of Paterson, NJ, who will be making his pro debut.

Jimmy Williams says to “expect fireworks.”

Tickets range in price from $47 to $157 and are available through Showclix

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