Mike Guy stops Kendrick Ball : Twitter Recap


By Alex Pierpaoli

As is our tradition here, if we covered a fight live and tweeted details from ringside we like to post a recap later for any of you anti-social media types. Here is a chronological recounting of our live-tweets from ringside, made slightly more grammatical and a little bit less hashtaggie.
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Alex Pierpaoli @FistThingsFirst Ringside for @CESBoxing at the @MM_Center in Springfield, MA follow along over @KOFantasyBoxing #boxing

LIVE #Boxing from
in Springfield, MA starts now! 194lbs 0-1 Rodrigo DeRocha vs. debuting 242 pound Tim Hatfield, 4 rounds, heavies

the shorter DeRocha is down from a flurry of shots, he’s claiming one strayed behind the head but he makes no effort to rise and is counted out at 1:23 of round number 1. Tim Hatfield is now 1-0 (1)

Up next, female welters, Stevie Jane Coleman 145lbs, of Columbia, CT versus Leann O’Malley 145lbs of Las Vegas, NV, 4 rounder
lots of straight shots from both women. Coleman’s shots are straighter and harder and more accurate. She wins round one.
almost zero body shots in the first but halfway through the second both women are making up for it now. O’Malley pressing but taking shots on the way in. 2-0 Coleman but the second was closer.
O’Malley smiling as she adjusts her trunks before the bell to start the third. she’s having fun in there.
Coleman looks a little tired but was still able to crack O’Malley with numerous straight rights to the chin. O’Malley really a gutsy, come-forward fighter, durable and aggressive.
Waiting on the scorecards… Coleman should take this one, probably 4-0 in rounds.
the judges see it 40-36 x 3, all in favor of Stevie Jane Coleman, now 2-1-1 #boxing O’Malley heads back to Nevada at 1-1

Next up, Darren Mima, 130lbs, of Poughkeepsie NY, versus Isiah Cruz, 130lbs, of Springfield, MA. 4 Rounds, super feathers #boxing
Cruz got credit for a knockdown in the 1st that locked a little more like a shove to this observer. Cruz got the better of the round by far. Mima spent much of it being driven back to the ropes.
Cruz let Mima lead in the second and it was the Springfield fighter letting the New Yorker bang at him while he looked to counter. It was somewhat effective. Cruz had the edge in shots landed for sure.
Mima may have stolen the third despite Cruz finally blasting his way off the ropes in the final 15 seconds of the round.
Wow, Cruz may have scored a last second TKO. The bell rang within a split second of the ref waving it off. Cruz landed a perfect left hook counter that crumpled Mima. He was allowed to continue and dropped again.
The official call is going to be a TKO at 2:58 of the 4th. I misspoke, Mima was reeling from an overhand right but he did not go down a second time. The ref waved it off. How he got up from the knockdown I have no idea. Wow! He got crumpled. Isiah Cruz now 2-0 (1) #boxing

Next up, Feathers, Jayron Santiago Lopez, of Bayamon, Puerto Rico vs. Nathan Martinez, of New Britain, CT #CESHolidayBash
This is a prizefight. These two came to the center of the ring and got right to work. By round’s end it was Lopez catching Martinez with a right hand jolt that got his attention. He opened up with both hands but the bell sounded.
Martinez corner must have bent his ear after the first because he walked out and scored a knockdown.
Lopez seems to have heavy hands. He’s gotten Martinez’ attention repeatedly but the New Britain native is up 19-18 on my card
Martinez has won the second and 3rd, with the extra point for the knockdown in round he should be up 29-27, imo
Lopez has twice the amount of professional experience Martinez does. He’s been stopped three times but he seems durable and in shape here tonight.
Lopez gave Martinez a couple wrinkles to struggle with in the fifth. He stopped trading and started scoring and moving and Martinez had few answers. He scored heavy in the final seconds but was it enough to steal the round back?
Headbutt in the sixth. Martinez got the worse of it. The doctor is taking a look.
wow, they’re stopping this. Must be a bad cut. we go to the scorecards.
I had this 48-46 in favor of Martinez who got some good experience here tonight, along with what will undoubtedly be a whole mess of stitches.
58-56 was the score from all three judges. But 2 had it for Lopez who, along with his team, is rightfully overjoyed. Martinez never seemed to shift into the higher gear he needed to nullify Lopez’ effort.
Jayron Santiago Lopez improves to 8-8-1 (5) while Nathan Martinez drops to 7-2 (2) #CESHolidayBash

Next up, junior middles, Jalen Renaud of Springfield, MA versus Jurmain McDonald of Jefferson City, MO, 6 rounder
Not a lot of landed shots here by either man. I’d give the edge to McDonald largely because of his activity and he’s scored several hard body shots. Both guys very defensive-minded.
Renaud had a better round three. He’s landing long sweeping left hooks now.
wow, Renaud timed McDonald with what looked like the perfect right hand pull-counter. McDonald went down hard and the ref didn’t bother to count.
Not sure if we’ll make the whole card here. I’ve got a bad power cord and my battery is down to 36%. May have to shift to paper and pen shortly!
Jalen Renaud improves to 7-0 (3) after scoring a 4th round TKO, 1:37, over Jurmain McDonald, who drops to 5-5 (2). #CESHolidayBash

Up now, lightweights, Josh Orta, 132lbs, of Springfield, MA, versus a 132 pound late sub

Orta scores a 1st round TKO. His opponent beat the count but the ref felt he was in no shape to continue. Josh Orta raises his record to 8-0 (4). The official time was 2:24 of the first.

here we go, the Battle of the Shellys! 8 rounds, female feathers,
of Providence, RI versus Shelly Barnett, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. #CESHolidayBash

solid first round for
Pretty clear she’s having fun out there. This is her first bout in over 2 years.

Barnett was able to sting Vincent on her way inside in that second round. Looked like there may have been a butt as well.

Barnett working very hard. She knows this would be a nice name to have on her record.

Some blood flowing from the nose of Barnett, likely from the right jab of
which she’s been landing regularly.

Vincent able to keep Barnett missing; she comes forward swinging but whiffs at air.
should be comfortably ahead going into this six round.

Barnett stung Vincent again with a single shot in the final ten seconds of the sixth, otherwise this is all
. She’s out-working, out-landing & out-slicking her opponent.

Heated action at the end of the seventh.
slamming Barnett with power-shots to the head and body.

Both Shellys are swinging and landing right up until the final bell. It’s going to be interesting to see if these judges gave Barnett a single round. I didn’t.

All three judges see it 80-72, all in favor of
, who picks up a Unanimous Decision victory in her first fight since August 17, 2019. She’s now 27-2 (1). Shelly Barnett drops to 5-6-2 #CESHolidayBash

down to 9% battery left… just the main event to go now.
Here we go with the Main Event, Mike Guy, of Sacramento, CA versus Kendrick Ball, of Worcester, MA 10 rounds, super middles
Kendrick Ball dropped from a cuffing right. He rises and Mike Guy is all over him. Ball lasts the round. Guy may have punched himself out. Second coming up…
Ball was able to put some distance between himself and Mike Guy in that second. I didn’t give him the round but it was close. Guy’s leaping left hook is the punch that keeps changing this fight. But Ball’s jab was effective in the 2nd.

Alex Pierpaoli
@FistThingsFirst The laptop battery died so I’ll finish up over here…
Kendrick Ball used his jab and lots of movement to stay out of serious trouble in the 3rd & 4th but I only gave him one of those rounds.
In the fifth now and Guy wings Ball’s head with the left and the right. Ball much more aggressive in the fifth. Ball’s cheek is swelling from all the left hooks Guy has smashed against it.
Kendrick Ball boxed two beautiful minutes in round six, then Mike Guy stole any ground he may have gained right back, landing heavy bolts to the head.
Guy pressing the action now. Ball very tired.
Ninth round coming up and Kendrick Ball is looking pretty diminished.
Ball gets cracked again, he’s sitting in these ropes, leaning back, Guy swinging away. Guy connects repeatedly and the referee steps in to halt the action. TKO for Mike Guy!
Story to follow. Remember: Tip your waitresses and please drive safe! Peace #CESHolidayBash

The official time of the stoppage was 1:26 of Rd 9, the winner is Mike Guy!
That’s all from here, fight-fans!