Vendetti vs. Williams Twitter Recap

By Alex Pierpaoli

Final bout of the night, Stevie Jane Coleman, 149lbs, of Columbia, CT, 0-1 versus Christina Barry, 147lbs, of Manitoba, Canada, 1-7 #CESBoxing #boxing
Stevie Jane Coleman has a lot of fans here to support her!

Bout 6, Carlos Perez, 140lbs, of New Haven, CT, 1-0 versus Tyriek Gainey, 134lbs, of Paterson, NJ, who will be making his pro debut. #CESBoxing #boxing
Both fighters have tired here in the third and there’s a lot more clutching and grappling. Perez looks to be in control going into the 4th and final round.

Main Event time!! @JimmyQSWilliams versus Greg Vendetti, 10 rounds, junior mddles #CESBoxing #WilliamsVendetti #boxing
Good first round from Jimmy Williams. He’s busier, jabbing, pressing. Vendetti scored more than once with a chopping overhand right Williams is going to have to watch out for. 1-0 Williams
Good second round for Williams. Vendetti smothering his own punches a bit by charging in a bit too close to leave himself punching room. 2-0 Williams
Big exchange to start the third. Vendetti is all hooks and Williams all straight shots. Pace slows a bit by middle of the third.
Both fighters scored with big shots in the third but Vendetti landed heavier & kept Williams moving, sometimes boxing, sometimes in retreat. 2-1 Williams
Williams back in control in round number 4. Vendetti landed a leaping left hook in the final minute but not enough to undo the basic boxing Williams did throughout the round.
Round five was close, Vendetti able to close the gap and force Williams to grab to keep away from his chopping lefts. 3-2 Williams
Huge round six for Greg Vendetti, he gets the better of a heated exchange, pelting Williams with lefts and rights along the ropes. Bloodying the nose of Williams. 3-3 even now on my card with Vendetti surging
Round seven was a close one, Judges may be seeing Williams’ movement as retreat rather than strategy. Vendetti certainly a lot more dangerous now in the back half of this fight.
@JimmyQSWilliams seems hesitant to throw that long-range, slashing right uppercut that was landing well for him early. Probably wise as Vendetti is sharper now.
Vendetti physically stronger than Williams but he’s bedeviled by @JimmyQSWilliams’ movement & one-two. He cannot hold any ground. Last round coming up.
@JimmyQSWilliams probably lost that final round by obliging Vendetti when he wants to slug his way through the final 40 seconds. The crowd sure loved it! He said there’d be fireworks! #CESBoxing #boxing
The scorecards are 97-93 for Vendetti, 96-94 for Williams, and an absolutely ludicrous card of 99-91 for the Unanimous Decision winner Greg Vendetti
The 99-91 scorecard in favor of Greg Vendetti is certainly not the most criminally egregious this #boxing addict has ever seen but it’s incredibly bad #shit

Up now, Nathan Martinez, 126lbs, of New Britain, CT, 6-1 (2) versus Francisco Dominguez, 126 1/2 lbs, of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 7-11-1 (1) #CESBoxing #boxing #williamsvendetti
Three rounds into Martinez vs. Dominguez and it’s New Britain’s Nathan Martinez in control. Landing heavier in that 3rd round.
Martinez seems able to beat Dominguez to the punch at will. After such a long layoff, his last bout was in Dec of 2019, he may be looking to get these rounds in. Round 5 of 6, now.
Nathan Martinez picks up a lopsided Unanimous Decision victory over Francisco Dominguez #CESBoxing #WilliamsVendetti

Up now, Bout 3, Chordale Booker, 159lbs of Stamford, CT, 16-0 (7) versus Silverio Ortiz, 157lbs, of Yucatan, Mexico, 37-27 (18) #CESBOXING
Stamford, CT’s undefeated middleweight, Chordale Booker has Silverio Ortiz of Yucatan, MX, in retreat here in bout number 3 in Hartford, CT. Early results here
Lots of grappling, crowding, and muscling from Ortiz. Booker having a lot of difficulty landing more than one shot at a time & it’s frustrating him, badly. Ref. Schiavone warns both for rough stuff.
Schiavone has seen enough and takes a point from Ortiz for rabbit-punching in round 3.
Chordale Booker having trouble looking good here and here’s clearly frustrated. Ortiz has lost his last five fights by decision. That’s what he does. He’s not going to go quietly here. Ugly? so what.
Final round here and Silverio Ortiz is used to this. He’s still crowding Booker, cuffing at him with looping shots. Not effective but he’s still on his feet, still fighting.
That’s going to be a win for Chordale Booker, likely a very lopsided UD, but it’s very difficult to look good against an opponent like Ortiz. Booker last fought in November of 2020 so there’s some rust here too
“I know he was going to use veteran tactics…survival tactics,” Booker tells the assembled. Says he wants the winner of tonight’s main event. #CESBoxing #boxing

Bout 2 about to get underway, Hartford, CT’s Angel Gonzalez, 116lbs, of Hartford, CT, 5-0 (3) versus Juan Gabriel Medina, 117lbs of La Ramona, Dominican Republic, 12-7 (11), 6 rounds, #CESBoxing
Medina switching back & forth from orthodox to southpaw on Gonzalez. Has gotten him to back off a bit here in round 3. #WilliamsVendetti #CESBoxing
Gonzalez boxing better in the third, moving in and out on Medina, landing a lot cleaner now. 2-1 Gonzalez after 3, we’re going 6 #CESBoxing
Ref. Johnny Callas halts the action to replace the mouthpiece of Medina
Medina fighting from the orthodox stance now. Both fighters swinging for power now. They clinch, Callas separates them.
Round four was close. Medina looked to touch gloves at the end of the round but Gonzalez refused.
Medina retires on his stool before the fifth. Doctor Michael Schwartz was up on the apron talking with the corner. Unclear as to what caused the stoppage but it’s a TKO win for Angel Gonzalez.
Gonzalez is now 6-0 (4) and Medina falls to 12-8 (11) #CESBoxing

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